The Stone Cladding System

Aztec. A sophisticated yet simple to install commercial cladding system.

Key features of Aztec

  • Fast track construction
  • Universal substructure
  • Varied panel options
  • Cost effective
  • Certified to the latest industry standards
  • Flexibility in design
  • High Strength
  • Low Weight
  • High Speed installation
  • Allows for air and thermal movement
  • Can accommodate drainage, electric and phone services, water pipes etc.
  • Not on Critical construction path

Basic Components:

1.Stone Panel
2.Vertical T-rail 120mm x 60mm x 2.8mm
3.4x4 stainless steel clips
4.Stainless steel self tapping screws
5.Support brackets

Aztec is a self-supporting attachment system which enables 20mm, 30mm or 40mm stone panels to be fitted by means of a stainless steel clip which incorporates the latest technology.

Compared to other similar systems on the market this system is quick and easy to install as no cutting or drilling is needed on site. This avoids any possible weakening of the stone.

Aztec allows for the attachment of four stone panels by means of a clip that is used to hold the two lower pieces and to support and hold the two upper pieces. The clips are attached to a vertical aluminium T-rail by means of self tapping screws.

The fitting of the clips requires the marking of a reference level line for every 2 or 3 pieces of stone. Once the level has been marked, the clip is fitted and then the stone attached. It is advisable to maintain a minimum separation of 6mm between the stone panels in order to allow for any possible movement.

Aztec is a very versatile and quick to install system and provides an excellent quality/price ratio.

Aztec has been developed with the view to making the structure as light as possible, whereby the system only adds 1.5 Kg/m2 of weight to the stone, which means a ventilated facade weighing only 55 Kg/m2. commercial cladding specialists